Is Love worth waiting for?

I am sure this line has been heard in enough ways to label it as a stereotype. I dont know how many of us have really pondered over it but here is my point of view on it.

So, is Love really worth waiting for?

The quick answer that comes to mind is Yes. I think its because thats how the question has been phrased. Its attracting a "but of course" kind of an answer. But I beg to differ.

Spending a little more time on the thought leads you to a perspective on why wait? When would someone really know if this current feeling is love unless he takes it to the next level? Its not possible to stay in a state of out-of-love and evaluate the risk before stepping in-to-love. That is something that is just not real. It could be tried but the results would not be accurate. Love can only be told when fully and emotionally involved in.

So if one needs to find out if the current emotions, feelings are actually true love, one needs to take that dive into the pool and explore it thoroughly. And this takes me to the negatives...what if it isnt true love? You come out wet from the dive and until you dry up, the world seems like hell. So, was it worth it? Was trying to find true love worth it? That is the first question. If your answer is still Yes, then we can go back to the topic of this post.

So if you still feel that true love is worth the risk of not getting it, then my question is why even wait? True love is not something that is a cooking recipe where step 1-5 spell a story for success. Both people have to make it work. I say, why wait since you have to make it work anyway? I am not saying just pick up anybody and make it work. I am just saying dont set your mind to wait. Be a little more giving in, taking the risk. We have already agreed that true love is worth the risk of not getting it.

The least bit of feeling of love, just take the leap into the wilderness. The quicker you take the plunge, the more time you have to learn from your mistakes. So, my perspective is, dont wait for it. It may or may not be worth waiting for. Whats the use of waiting for that right person and be dissapointed afterwards?

The other approach is to take the risk on the slightest hint of love and if it works out, nothing better. You have a many more years of joy than you would not have if you waited. If it doesnt work out, well hard luck. There is no guarantee of true love in waiting either. Get disappointed early so you move on early as well. If you look more closely, there is more time saved than wasted in the big picture.You are a more experienced person now, learning from your mistakes. You will do better next time. You will set a few things straight. A little tainted, a little dented but as most heart break souls would agree, time heals everything. You move on and the world does become beautiful again.

Every night has a beautiful morning and thats the best part of life.


priyainsuburbia said...

Hi mayG,
I *loved* this post. As someone who has been in two relationships - (not at the same time of course :-))one of whom is now my husband, I can tell you that you are right - upto a point.
You have to work to make Love work, you have to take the risk that this may not be *IT* and still go ahead, but when you come out of the dive wet and shivering, its not as easy at saying "Time will heal all". Its one of Love's characteristics that you retain the stamp of the other person on you. And no matter how much time passes, Love for the other person still survives. It hurts too. The only thing Time does is dull the pain.
Really eventually, the battle with coming out of the relationship is with oneself. The aim is to come out wiser, stronger and not make the same mistakes again.

Like the song says "Beirada kuch khatay hamse ho gayee" :-)

Sidhusaaheb said...

What I have learnt from experience has been verbalised beautifully by Faiz as:

"Aur bhi gham haiN zamaane maiN mohabbat ke siwaa
RaahateiN aur bhi haiN wasl ki raahat ke siwaa"

aashely said...

The philosphy of love and to wait for love is differ from person to person but condition if a person is merged in pool completely than in such case he/she is ready to pass through all Tsunami just to grab his love..without any great risk one cant taste love!

Saad said...

Hmm... a nice point of view to a situation that most people of my age go through and well hmm perhaps it is true that u need to make it work but what i say is "talli aik haath se nahin bajti" both partners in this beautiful boat need to have the same feeling cause one sided paddled boats tend to circle in the same place..
and adda i did leave a comment so u keep ur promise too....... hahah tc

Ali Raza Shaikh said...

"Well. If you look more closely, there is more time saved than wasted in the big picture.You are a more experienced person now, learning from your mistakes."

Indeed! a timely post :)

MAYG said...

@priyainsuburbia - good to see you here... but this post was by UTP, my hubby and not me :D this is our team blog..

we're working on adding something near the blog title to tell which one of us wrote it so you know if its one of UTP's mind-tiring, complicated philosophies on life or mayG's refreshing rant-o-rama ;D

..guess who's sleeping out on the couch tonight!

UTP said...

@priya - well yeah...that love doesnt go but you do wonder....whether it was really love or eventually are enjoying so much now and are so happy do decide...that it wasnt and was just a another breeze of infatuation...

@sidhusaheb - well quoted...unfortunately I am one of those who would rather be hurt by love than by anything else...iss dukh ka maza hee aur hay....

@aashely - I think being in the state of love is love itself so you are stating love from the time your eyes catch somebody...who is just not getting out of the head... :)

@saad - beautiful example...hehe...

@ali raza - timely? Ahem...I wonder...

@mayg - i m so lucky to marry a graphic designer who is a perfectionist heheh...

Shezalldat said...

you can tell who posted by looking at the bottom where you click to add comments.. it says whether its posted by utp or mayg ;)

great post btw!

Raza said...

I think that was a nice post but I am not sure if it is "love" that you are talking about because it sounds quite practical. The unwisdom of ages says it is something magical and other worldly, may be it is may be it isn't.

If you say that one should make it work, is it like trying hard to make an old and rusty car work so that you could enjoy a few years of good ride. I think the joy would come out more of the effort than the car. The car would only be of utility.

If you say one should jump in and find out, don't you think that is tough advice? It's not a pool, its more of an "Aag ka dariya", you don't get wet you get burnt. I wonder, if this experience ensures it's benefits.

Do you make good friendships or do they happen by chance? Can you find love or love finds you? Doesn't trying relentlessly sound desperate? Don't you run the risk of ignoring the love you may already have to find new and more personal one?

VERVe said...

*VERVe batts his eyelids feverishly for 20 seconds.... and sighs again* Kyaa Mamooo banatey Ho yaar!