Let me count the ways.. 0011

I had so many other things planned to post for today but they can wait, for today I love him the most for the way he manages to get along with the men my friends are married to. It gives a whole new meaning to "a relaxed, fun get together with friends.."

I mean what could be more wonderful than catching up with pals whom you have literally grown up with and no matter how rarely one gets to meet it always seems like taking it up from where we left.. all this when the kids, all approximately the same ages are having enormous amounts of fun together and the men bond over some chit chat of mutual interest.

..so I took off on a tangent, but coming back, this is something I really appreciate about UTP- its great to see him finding something or the other to get along with all the different men with whom in the beginning he has nothing in common except the fact that their wives are good friends with each other.. he really didn't have to but he does.. unlike me of course, since I tend to be choosy about wanting to befriend spouses of HIS friends - if they are not my types then its nothing more than a polite social encounter of the lets-be-done-asap types.. yes, yes i'm picky that way :|

plus I don't drive, so most of my socializing means he has to drive me around town as well.. brownie points here!

It means a lot for me to be able to enjoy meeting my friends instead of wondering if the husband is checking the time on his watch for the fiftieth time or to see him sending that "lets go already" look from across the room when I'm not quite done.

On the subject of friends, I sure love how he is the absolute charming gentleman around my friends.. he claims the first thing a smart man's gotta do is win the favour of all of his wife's lady friends and he makes sure he is always that smart man - courteous, caring, funny and even hands-on with the girls ;) all this so my friends can keep on reminding me how lucky I am and all that ..well what can I say, I sure got lucky, didn't I?!


Aneela Z said...

Ab tau Dubai aana pareyga...for I dont think anyone is going to visit me here!

Mona said...

definitely something to appreciate!

the mad momma said...

can I say I love you two for this series? keep going!