Let me count the ways.. 0012

They say men are a happier bunch of people - not only do they get freedom of choice regarding growing a mustache or otherwise, they get appreciation for the *SLIGHTEST* act of thoughtfulness too :P and this is my reason for loving you today!

You are not really hands on with the girls but the one time you find me drained beyond capacity, dozing off between trying to get the little brat to sleep and the kid still bouncing off the walls you just knew it was time to take charge!

I fell in love with you some more the other night when you quietly tucked the toddler's pink fuzzy baby blankie around me, took her out of the room, strapped her to the high chair and put on DORA for her! I was done trying every effing thing to get her to sleep but goodness I'd never have thought of THAT! ..such a daddy thing to do :D

I'd have done a little victory dance when she conked off 3 mins into doodoodoodoodora, I'd have hugged you and jumped for joy saying you're the coolest baba around.. if only I had the energy to!
..so here it is today - all those no-tv for under-2's parenting manuals be damned, it WAS the cutest thing to do and you ARE the coolest baba in the world! :D


zarmeena said...

:) mashaAllah.

Sue said...

Men certainly do it differently and god forbid we criticise when we can spend that time sleeping. ;)

Cee Kay said...

Awwww! You two are the CUTEST!!

DegeSMS said...

Very nice.