Celebrating Every P(ee) !!!

Life as a parent is a truly privileged one as you get to experience the pleasure of the smallest and largest of accomplishments of your child. Pat your own back at times and patting your partner's on other occasions. Yet at other times, simply left in awe as to where did our child pick up that from.

I may have mentioned this before also that I had always seen myself as a dad at a very young age. Not the perfect one but definitely the best one that I could be. You see, I enjoy working to a plan. Build a project, put a timeline around it, align the resources, get the job done and enjoy the milestones heading towards achieving things as per the plan. Parenting is very much like project management, only the stakes are higher than any other thing you would ever do.

Lucky for me, mayG believes in this concept as well. She applies her skill to parenting like no other. Each little step ahead is a mini-project and each completion links to another project following it.

If you haven't noticed the emphasis on the keywords starting with "P" in this post as yet, let me share the 2 most important P words in the life of a mother with growing children that I observed closely and which led me to writing this. Pee & Potty.

The actions of your growing child around those 2 words could define the mood of the mother of the house on any particular day. It does in our home for sure.

Getting your child to go from diapers to telling when to go to being independent altogether on the pee & potty scene, is a continuation from learning to take the pyjamas off. We hit another milestone recently with the littler one now telling she has to go. She has been a bit inconsistent in the announcement but I am sure she will make it through. A bit of lazy genes (from me) are possibly taking her a bit longer than the elder one but we are in no hurry.

The "annoucement" that she has to go pee is an event every time. I see an adrenaline rush in mayG and we all pick it up from her. It is contagious. The event continues with a rush to the loo, the practice pants (diapers that slide down) off and settling on the seat, the captivated audience and the releasing sound of trickling water echoing off the walls of the toilet. It is poetic I tell you, nothing short of an orchestra performance. If it is number 2 (potty), it is all the same with the only thing different being the finale, a "plop" rather than a "pisssss..."

The after-event is nothing short of a celebration you may see after a sports victory, like the world cup, with bursting emotions, tears, hugs, high fives and obviously the trophy. In the mayG & UTP household, the trophy is a Dora sticker to choose from and stick to the frock and a gloat around with pride for the whole day.

It is very essential to celebrate every "P(ee)" with your role as a parent and let your child know how important the smallest and largest achievement meant. Re-empasizing and highlighting good behaviour helps make clear to your child what is acceptable and what is not, which forms the basis of your training them on the difference of wrong and right, which in many ways is the foundation that you would lay in for what your child would eventually grow up into.

Read the post again and identify the intentional use of "P" words. The keywords define the most essential things you need to keep doing to succeed as a parent. Can you appreciate the beauty of it?


Aneela Z said...

mera comment kaha giya?
It was something along the lines of how even in a very "stingy when it comes to ISD calls" household neither parent frowns when the toddler calls up dad in another time zone
"hai mera beta"moment, uff