Who's your daddy, Baba?

For the benefit of our readers, we are still alive and kicking. The blog needs an update and yes that includes an update on the flash video above. We were recently blessed with a baby boy, hence the Mayg and UTP household is literally alive and kicking. We named him Mohammad Ibrahim.

An almost 7-year old, who seems to have already entered teens. The middle one, 3 years, learning to deal with the intrusion in her mom's space which was expected to be hers for at least a few more years and the new born, settling into this crazy family. Not sure if anything could be crazier.

The good news is that the new guy in the house knows exactly how to make his place. From lovely timed farts which are no less than a piece of art to pooping at least once every hour. He is definitely in the right place. However, he did make me worry a bit when the following happened yesterday,

Baba: Ibrahim, who's your daddy?
Ibrahim: Waaaaaaannnnnhhh!!!
Baba: Ibrahim, who's your daddy?
Ibrahim: Waaaaaaannnnnhhh!!!
Baba: Waaaaaaannnnnhhh!!!
Ibrahim: Who's your daddy now, Baba??

It was easier to bully around the girls, don't know how this is going to settle. Anyway, I am lucky to be a candidate to enjoy the other side of the father-son relationship. A blessing for sure. Thanks Allah for everything.


Anonymous said...

Bohat bohat mubarak hoo!!