What not to do on your Anniversary

So mayG and UTP turned 8 years today. Yes we have been able to "bhugtofy", which is a word invented today as a fusion of 2 languages meaning "tolerate", each other for yet another year.

We stand here, 8 years young, 3 kids, infinite love, never-ending fun, ups and downs, rights and lefts, wrongs and rights, goof-ups and fix-ups and I realize we have been just darn lucky that everything has just fallen in place so beautifully or maybe life (mayG, that is, dialogue-making here) has made me an optimist. Somebody who is able to look at the good side of things, always positive no matter how bad it is, heheh.

To be honest, I was in a rebellious mode today, didn't last long but it was something like, I am celebrating everyday living my life with mayG then why celebrate the anniversary day. In fact it should be a sad day to balance life. Fun and good stuff for 364 days and 365 days in a leap year and one day of misery, an attempt at the balancing act.

Little did I know, even she was in a similar mode, subconsciously. Her plan was to download a mushy movie we could watch together and she did put in her best attempt. Oh Kate Hudson in the movie, Heaven in the movie name, we got to download it. I mean there is a famous website called IMDB. One could actually check the story background. No, not mayG.

We ended up watching, "Little bit of Heaven" starring none other than Kate Hudson. For those of you who have seen it, you would know, this is one movie you should avoid on a happy day. The lady is dying of cancer and basically its a movie where you end up crying at all the last scenes.

Happy Anniversary for sure. But we are so relentless. We kept laughing through the movie, basically laughing at my dear wife's movie selection and dumbness. Anyway, more power to us.

Still being kids, with kids now, playing ghar-ghar (home-home) for the last 8 years. Many more to come, for sure. Why stop when you are hot, right? Roller-coaster...Weeeeee!!