Did you feel a POP in your BOTTOM?

I thought I would have to wait for a boy to truly enjoy my love for the other side. You know the FART, POTTY and other excremental type of comedy. That thought was more about I would be able to share that side with the guy however what happened today also confirmed the theory but in a different way.
This morning, I hear the story which involves my daughter number 2 being the star, in the spotlight. It does involve the little guy but the star is no doubt my daughter in this. She has given, "The cat did it", "The dog ate it" and "Who farted??" a different meaning altogether.

Recently, my one year old boy has started responding with big nods indicating a "YES!!". He doesn't always mean yes, sometimes he may just be head-banging to the music. But who cares, the mom believes he is saying yes and pretty close to having a real conversation. Noddy be thy name.

So the kids are playing together as they do and my daughter hears a "POP!!". She knows exactly what it is, as it came from exactly where she was sitting. The smell was coming from that same spot also. However, she is very much in denial mode. Who be the scapegoat then?

She remembers Noddy nods to pretty much anything and asks the little guy. "Did you fart?" The boy was smart, he hadn't heard that word before hence didn't just start nodding for no reason. Perplexed. She continues, "Did you feel a POP in your BOTTOM?" Now Noddy knows BOTTOM. So he starts nodding. Mama... Noddy Farted... khekhekhe!!

Pleased she found the little guy to blame for her misdemeanor. The little guy pleased as well as he felt he made a conversation, he was part of the game, proud of himself. Not realizing he has accepted to a crime that he did not commit. But then what are brothers for, of course for saving their sisters from embarrassment in such situations.

This also some reminded me of that scene from Patch Adams where the guy's hand is stuck in the raised position, "Who Farted?"